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Please see the Club Calendar or Teamsnap for COP Fall Airbag training times.

Why we do it?


To progress athlete skill development in a safe environment. Airbag/Water Ramp training with Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski Club is an essential "off season" training tool, athlete commitment and regular attendance to sessions will be directly reflected in athletes' development on snow. Water Ramp and Airbag is a lot of fun for all ages and skill levels (see below minimum skill requirement for safety).

Athletes who would like to learn to do inverts on skis and in competition are required to first qualify their new tricks on either and airbag or water ramp facility. Only once they have successfully completed the skills on trampoline will the be ready to try out the airbag/water ramp. Athletes usually require around 15 days or 50+ well executed jumps to attempt to begin the qualification process. Below is a sample of a qualification scoreform, please contact your athlete's coach for more information. 

Air Qualification/ Scoreform















The candidate must obtain a minimum score of 75 on every jump in order to qualify the manoeuver











Minimum Skill Level: 

Must be able to parallel ski   

Comfortable with a 20ft jump

What to bring:

Proof of CFSA membership 

Light-weight long sleeves/long pants to minimize skin exposure


Light gloves

NO poles

Mouth guard strongly recommended

Candle wax or equivalent for ski bases


Snack, water bottle 



Winsport Airbag Ramp & Red Deer Water Ramp


Who Can Ramp?
The Winsport Airbag Ramp at Canada Olympic Park & Red Deer Water Ramp is open to all freestyle club athletes who hold a valid CFSA membership. There is no minimum age to use the ramp but all athletes will be assessed by coaches individually to see if they have the skills to safely use the ramp.

How to get to the Ramp?
All cars must park in designated parking areas, and you must walk over to the ramp. Under no circumstances are cars to be driven up to the ramp. 

Rules of the Ramp

  • Only one jumper permitted on the in-run at a time

  • Jumper must wait until clearance is given from coach / knoll master before dropping in

  • Proper equipment must be used at all times. Coaches reserve the right to deny any athlete access due to broken equipment or inappropriate behavior

  • Ski Poles not permitted

  • Long sleeves, pants, and helmets are mandatory

  • Life jacket is mandatory for water ramp.

  • Mouth guards are not mandatory but recommended

  • Athletes are not permitted on the in run unless a coach or knoll master is present

  • Inverts are only allowed with coaches consent





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