2020-2021 Coaches

Curtis Sinton - Head Coach

Julian Kapronczai - Freestyle Canada/NCCP Supercoach certified

David Cooksley - Freestyle Canada/NCCP Supercoach certified

Jeremy German

Mitchell Dawson

Nikolas Worobey

Andrea Ornawka - CSIA level 1, Fundamentalz, Air 1 and Air 2

Curtis Sinton

Head Coach

We are proud to announce that Curtis will be joining us again for another great season with SAFSC. Curtis will be coaching the Competition and Competition Development team, as well as running the team as our Head Coach and Program Director. Known as the airbag fashion extraordinaire king, Curtis is always sure to bring his vast knowledge, experience and humour. 


What is your background in freestyle skiing?
I started freestyle at the age of 12 converting from snowboarding to try out the sport at Fortress Mountain, from that point on Freestyle Skiing has been my passion. I was quite determined to never specialize but ended up skiing on the Alberta Mogul Team for one season as my last year as a competitor. This will be my 7th season coaching for SAFSC and my 3rd season as Head Coach. 
Years on skis: 22

Years competing: 7

What coaching courses have you taken?

CFSA: Club Coach, Park & Pipe Module, TSM 1&2, Air 1,2,3,4a,(SuperCoach)Gymnastics: Foundations, Trampoline level 1NCCP: Make Ethical Decisions, Teaching and Learning, Planning a Practice, Basic Mental Skills, Nutrition, Design a Basic Sport Program, Managing Conflict, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Developing Athletic Abilities, Prevention and Recovery, Psychology of Performance, Leading Drug-free Sport 

What is your proudest ski career moment?  
My proudest ski career moment would be very hard to narrow down, for me it does not really come down to a specific result, but more being able to travel and experience competition as both an athlete and a coach at national level events. 

What was your biggest struggle during your competitive career?

The biggest struggle for me during my competitive career was to produce runs that would be equal to those executed in training. Another challenge for me was injuries, although not the injuries themselves but more adhering to recovery time and complete rehabilitation, as my drive to compete was so high.

What are you doing outside of coaching
Last spring I graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Applied Business and Entrepreneurship for Sport and Recreation. I also work part-time as an arborist. 

What are you goals as a coach
My coaching philosophy is to apply my knowledge and experience to create a fun and safe environment for athletes. Encourage and motivate progression and innovation and build athletes on and off snow. “Leave no stone unturned” My goal as a coach is to get athletes as stoked on skiing as they get me. 

Why did you decide to coach for Southern Alberta Freestyle
For me it was an opportunity to give back to Southern for the awesome years I had as an athlete. I had a sense of pride and belonging to SAFSC and feel blessed to have had inspiring coaches such as Rafael Guembes and Marc Shymko to name just a few. 

Who is your role model?
There are many influential skiers that I could list as my role models when it comes to skiing. Watching action sports films, the Xgames, & Olympic athletes in any discipline as well as any “Underdog” with a strong drive to succeed is how I find my role models. My role models are always changing. The one consistent role model for me would by my dad AL, who introduced me to skiing and to freestyle and even had a brief coaching stint with SAFSC!

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
I would like to fly, like an eagle.

David Cooksley

Freestylerz Coach


Fresh off his impressive mogul skiing career, David Cooksley joins us for his 2nd season as a coach. David completed his SUPERCOACH training this past summer in Whistler, AB and we are excited to welcome him back to his former club. With all of David's experience as a high level mogul skier, we are sure he will become a role model to athletes of all ages. David will be joining the team as a Jumps and Bumps coach. Welcome David Cooksley !!


What is your background in freestyle skiing?
Years on skis: 20
Years competing: 11

What coaching courses have you taken?

Club Coach, TSM 1, TSM 2, Park & Pipe, Air 1, Air 2, Air 3, Air 4

What is your proudest ski career moment?

First noram final

What was your biggest struggle during your competitive career?

Mental issues

Did you have a competition rituals?

Yes, a specific warm-up routine

Do you have a skiing philosophy?


What are you doing outside of coaching?

U of C engineering

What are you goals as a coach?

Maintain Alberta’s mogul program strength

Why did you decide to coach for Southern Alberta Freestyle?

My old team

Who is your role model?

Don’t have one

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Time travel

Mitch Dawson


Andrea Ornawka

New for 2021 we welcome Andrea to our coaching team.

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