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In addition to regular on-snow and off-snow programs, Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski Club provides the opportunity for our athletes to attend several camps throughout the year.  These camps offer optional focused training during breaks in our regular reschedule, allowing our athletes to never lose focus on their personal goals.  Our past camps have included a Christmas Camp, a Glacier camp in July in Whistler and a water ramp camp in August focused on air comfort and ski development, which takes place in Grande Prairie.


Our club keeps our athletes and extended family very active and fit.  During the winter months, we focus on on snow training at Sunshine Village and Canada Olympic Park, as well as trampoline training.  During the off season our athletes transition into their dryland and airbag training.  Higher level athletes will work with trainers to improve their strength and agility as it relates directly to their freesytle skiing.  Our weekly dryland offers a variety of activities to keep everyone in great shape whilst improving on endurance.  Our optional airbag biweekly sessions, these allow our athletes to qualify and extend their bag of tricks to utilize on snow for the next season.  











Our 10-week and 18-week programs offer flexibility and high-level training.

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Dryland Training helps athlete develop strength and agility

Airbag and Water Ramp help athletes develop skills safely.

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Trampoline allows athletes to practice aerials safely.

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