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The Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski Club strategic plan outlines several values we honor and expect our members to adhere to: respect, integrity, balance, safety, team commitment, excellence and fellowship. We want an environment for training that respects each athlete, parent, coach and member of the public, where safety is of utmost consideration. We believe it is important that behavior positively supports all of our members and training sessions. This will apply to both dryland training and snow training.


The following behaviors are never acceptable: 

  • Swearing/foul language.

  • Harassment.

  • Bullying of fellow athletes, both verbal and physical.

  • Fighting

  • Breaking of ski area rules (Examples include, but are not limited to, jumping off of chairs or throwing equipment from chairs, skiing out of bounds, and disregarding closed notices).

  • Interfering with the training of other/disrupting class (examples include, but are not limited to tantrums, leaving the group, not waiting for the group, and arguing with the coaches, not listening, not participating in training provided by the coaches).


Coaches will be responsible for upholding these rules, determining disciplinary actions, and communicating any problems with parents. 

In addition, upon accepting this code, all athletes acknowledge that: 

1. They are responsible for all of their actions. 

2. The use of illegal substances will not be tolerated. 

3. Improper behavior and willful destruction of property is not tolerated. 

4. Anything interfering with the training of other athletes is not tolerated. 

The penalty of any infraction of the above codes, at any freestyle venue, can lead to punishment ranging from missing the remainder of the scheduled training session, missing subsequent training sessions, or to expulsion from all club activities without a refund. 

Further to the athlete code, upon acknowledging this waiver, parents agree to honour the code when acting on behalf or in association with Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski club. This includes but is not limited to competition, training session, camps and dryland activities.

These penalties are decided by the SAFSC Board of Directors, in consultation with the Program Director and Head Coaches. 

By acknowledging this document, I agree that I will not infringe on any of the above rules, as they are set down for my own safety and the safety of other club members.

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