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Below is a typical Christmas camp schedule but is only a SAMPLE. Schedules very from year to year. 


Who: Comp / Comp Dev (4 day ski-camp with 3 after skiing activities) and Freestylerz Team (3 day ski-camp with 3 after skiing activities

What: This is a 4 day camp could include two days at WinSport Canada Olympic Park and two at days skiing at Sunshine Village. In addition to on snow training, this camp will include daily video review, one trampoline session, an airbag session, a gym session, and a rock climbing session.

When: This camp will run during the Christmas holidays and will take place over a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Comp / Comp Dev only).

Where: This camp will run at WinSport - Canada Olympic Park for the first two days (Dec 27, 28) and Sunshine Village on the 29th and 30th.

Why: This camp is intended to provide athletes with extra training in preparation for the competitive season.


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